I’m currently in collaboration with the Geology department at UNCC, working towards ‘Erratic Accretion,’ an exhibition at Lambla Gallery in early 2024.

In the exhibition "Erratic Accretion," I delve into the captivating world of geology, drawing inspiration from the rich resources of the University of North Carolina Charlotte's geology collection, geology department, library, and archives, as well as my personal collection of mineral books. Through this multidisciplinary exploration, I seek to unravel the hidden narratives embedded within geological formations and the traces left by human interactions with the environment.

Geology, with its vast timescales and transformative processes, serves as a metaphorical framework for understanding the layers of history and memory that shape our existence. By merging the scientific and artistic realms, I aim to capture the essence of geological phenomena through the accumulation and juxtaposition of diverse materials.

Drawing from the University's geology collection, I examine the geological artifacts and specimens as fragments of a larger narrative. By repurposing these relics, I aim to breathe new life into them, enabling viewers to appreciate their beauty and contemplate their significance. The integration of detritus from both the University's collections and my own personal archives adds another layer of complexity, intertwining the geological and human narratives in unexpected ways.

Through my artistic practice, I invite viewers to engage in a dialogue between the past and the present, the natural and the human-made. By manipulating and rearranging these materials, I highlight the inherent beauty found within the seemingly mundane. The resulting assemblages become a visual representation of the transformative power of time, erosion, and human intervention.

"Erratic Accretion" challenges preconceived notions of geological exploration and blurs the boundaries between art and science. By showcasing the interplay between geological artifacts, detritus, and artistic expression, I aim to provoke contemplation about our place in the natural world and our role as stewards of the environment.

Ultimately, this exhibition seeks to illuminate the interconnectedness of all things, revealing the intricate relationships between geology, human history, and personal narratives.