The Unplace

The Unplace, is a series of actions at Open Wabi, an artist residency located in a 100 year old furniture factory building in rural Ohio. The installations comprise a heuristic explication of place, dwelling and what happens when that is uprooted. Rather than simply being placeless, having no-place or being without-place, Un-place implies loss. The prefix ‘un-‘ denounces absence, lack reversal, the cancellation of an action or state of being; it indicates deprivation, separation or reduction to a lesser state.

It was important to make a metamorphosis, to make walls and bricks, elements of agency, into something uncanny and strange, to refer to the condition of dispossession and displacement that occurs when places are abandoned.

The materials and installation spaces were found through surveillance of the abandoned factory and ruins, and liberated from their point of orientation to examine an extinct place. Here the original is abandoned and the mysterious and ecstatic truth is reached through fabrication and imagination to create a place that strangely resembles a fantasy of our own.

Artist in Residence at Open Wabi, Fredericktown, Ohio 2017