Sublimated Spectrum

You can move mountains -
something that seems impossible. 
When compelled by your beliefs
you can elevate geology from its crust.
Channel and modify experience
to a full spectrum.
Produce in yourself a sense of awe.
Be vast, be grand.

In the ethereal glow of Iceland's winter, this video performance unfolds during the captivating Blue Hour, a poetic dance between two friends adorned in pink snow suits. Against the majestic silhouette of Mount Spákonufell, the mountain steeped in the legacy of a daily-climbing witch, we embrace the transition between night and day.

The Blue Hour, occurring right before sunrise and after sunset, casts a spellbinding aura on the Icelandic landscape. Commencing our shoot one hour before sunset, we immerse ourselves in the delicate hues that paint the sky. The iconic Mount Spákonufell, with its dignified presence above Skagaströnd, becomes a symbolic backdrop, an emblem of the village.

Captured in 360 degrees, the video performance explores the interplay of light and shadow, embracing the vastness of the Icelandic winter. The pink snow suits, enhanced by the enchanting qualities of dichroic film, create a striking visual contrast against the serene blue surroundings. This high-end decorative window film, utilizing multi-layer optical technology, produces shimmering, color-shifting effects that mesmerize as the dancers move.

As we dance within the immersive frame, the dichroic film adds an extra layer of visual poetry, creating dynamic, iridescent reflections that echo the enchanting tales of the witch who ascended Spákonufell daily. The 360-degree perspective allows viewers to experience the unfolding narrative from every angle, inviting them into the magical ambiance of Iceland's winter.

This performance not only pays homage to the mesmerizing Blue Hour but also captures the essence of friendship, resilience, and the enduring spirit of Icelandic folklore. The blend of nature, folklore, dichroic-enhanced visuals, and personal connection weaves a narrative that transcends time, inviting the audience to embrace the beauty of fleeting moments and the enchantment of the Icelandic Light.

Convene with an Ineffable Eminence

Draw near, you moths lost in darkness,
to a crystalline beacon
grounded to charge
your fearsome void.
Here you can bestow spirit
on your wary stillness,
find resolve in exhaustible energy,
and revive with ambience.
Then, you too will emit
as a navigator of the nocturne.
Light Up, Skagaströnd
Winter Lights Festival, Reykjavík 
List í Ljósi, Seyðisfjörður

Made in collaboration with Heidi Zenisek, Iceland 2022.