Sagrados Sagres Libation Ceremony

The wall text reads:

Pour out the Sagrado Sagres.
Like from the Nile, humbly with the source of life and death.
As Jacob did on the stone pillar where he talked with God.
As Hector’s Mother commanded, ‘…to Zeus and for your own relief.’
In the style of spondai: a modest amount for Olympia,
Or choai: in its entirety to the Underworld.
To promote the cosmic order of oneness,
Enact mimesis of conviviality with the Calçada pavers,
For those who spit on their callus cracked hands,
To those who sustain our steps,
For human movement in time,
Pour out um pouco de cerveja.

Artist in Residence, PADA Studios, Barrerio, Portugal. November 2019.