Embarking on a transformative six-week artist residency at the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek, Door County, I immersed myself in the enchanting winter, Bayside landscape.  Every day, my ritualistic run through Peninsula State Park served as a foundation for inspiration. Drawn to the mesmerizing barn quilts that adorned the countryside, I translated their geometric allure into mandala-like tessellations, a daily visual journal of my residency.

Crafted with meticulous precision, my body of work materializes through copic and prisma markers, alongside micronpen on watercolor paper. Thirty panels, mounted on reclaimed cedar planks sourced from Door County, intricately depict each day's experience in Fish Creek. The barn-inspired tessellations capture the essence of the rural surroundings, forming a symbolic tapestry of my residency journey.

These drawings, a harmonious blend of meticulous detail and vibrant hues, not only symbolize the daily rhythms but also encapsulate the spirit of Fish Creek, WI. The reclaimed cedar planks serve as a tangible connection to the local environment, grounding the artwork in the very essence of Door County.

The narrative thread of my residency extends to a leather and quilt-covered book, housing corresponding drawings. This book becomes a cohesive storytelling medium, unveiling a visual diary of lakeside barn discoveries. Each page turns like a chapter, inviting viewers into the narrative woven by the rural landscapes and my artistic exploration.

In this body of work, I invite the audience to experience the confluence of nature, art, and personal journey—a visual testament to the transformative power of artistic immersion in a place steeped in rich cultural and natural history.