Rumble in the Rubble

Rumble in the Rubble in the reaches to those who have at least once seen majesty in the landscape and yearned to hide it in their pocket, as if a stone found on a path. Inspired by both nature and industrial objects, the sculptures made of ceramics, plastics, and paint belong to no time and no place in particular. This collection of sculptural chunks – lumps, indescribable masses of material, clumsily constructed and naively glazed are extracted from a continuously evolving surrounding.  The function of the original design is abandoned, sending the pieces awry. They are ostensibly abstract, but have a charming ability to connect to a wordless cadence of something familiar. Worship the form that will have a punch line, seductive confusion, curious origins, pathetic occupation and opulent indolence. Come, rumble in rubble.
The Levitt Gallery Iowa City, Iowa October 2015
This is a collaborative installation with Hilary Nelson.

Rumble in the Rubble, installation view, sizes variable, ceramics, recycled plastic and rocks