Relics of a Current Time

A sense of place can outlast place itself.  Whatever may have happened here in the past is altered by our very presence, even if it is temporary.  One can float into a place and become temporarily localized, anchoring on known and named features of the local landscape.

Our temporal/temporary/brief presence changes/affects this place’s past

One way to understand where you have landed is to identify forces that brought you here, what is remembered and continuing.

Here are some thoughts to guide you through this collection, a materialized vernacular of a wanted space, fabled place.

Portal to aspired feeling
Built up in layers
Amassing together, treasure
A marking of our geological time.

What is our measurement in growth?
constructed and collected examples
where there is found, necessity in action -
Growing into, feeding upon, mutated, deformed, yet lived out
Sometimes hollowed out, succumbed, stripped of the bark
Made brittle, peeled of years in strata
Exposed to the elements
Baring each new skin to the fertile sun

Is it possible to mimic, possibly reverse the painful thawing of the glaciers?
To trap the sun’s reflective glimmering,
Shimmering on sheets of ice
Casting prisms in momentary daylight
To maximize with momentous occasion
Multiplying colors, density, saturation
To make magical the fleeting ordinary times
Changing rapidly to the landscape in front of us

Can you see the sun?
The access of Vitamin D – we all need
Even you, even me
Daily sublimity