During the continual sunlight found in the spring of Iceland, I missed the emptiness of sepulchral darkness and searched for an inner well below the surface, where things are still and unshaken. I investigated the diametrically opposing worlds of light where all detail was exposed with darks, unfolding all possibility for imagination. We live on the surface of a troubling and intimidating world, often unaware of the subterranean strata that forms and upholds our earth.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the inexhaustible and primal landscape of Iceland, with its aggressively purging volcanoes, stirring windy seas and cosmic glaciers. This is an attempt to catalogue contact with a void and bestow spirit upon it, like does a bat, an inverted scion of nocturnal underworld, a navigator of darkness.

Unground is akin to the sublime, sublime in both its stillness and its fearsomeness; sublime in its excess and its persistence; sublime meonic with potential.

Artist in Residence at Nes Artist Residency. Skagaströnd, Iceland. 2018