Seeded from images of a tree, a stump, and a bush appropriated from a gameboy game from the 90s.-- the panel format established from the standard gameboy resolution of 160 x 144 px, 20 x18 grid or 8 x8 tiles. The paintings' growth are captured with a time-lapse gif, continuing to become overgrown with collaged images of foliage and layers of innumerable shades of green.

Benefits of the color green: for its proven meditative attributes, and the human eye's ability to see more shades of green than any other color.

Colloquially, this work, 'Go Touch Grass" - referring to the internet idiom that essentially means "get off the internet and go outside." People online use it as an insult when someone seems out of touch with reality, especially on social media. It's also become a meme, with many image macros featuring images of people touching grass .